Theatre arts

Jane Gilbert

Theatre Arts


Theatre students will be engaged in a variety of projects and experiences in theatre Arts this year! They will begin the year learning mime techniques. The next sections will involve learning the principles and elements of design through mixing paint and developing technique. Students will then begin their folktale mask project by researching a variety of cultures. Students will end the Fall semester by designing a model for the murder mystery, “Trifles”. After Winter Break, students will begin writing fractured fairytale puppet skits. Students will then create a “Living Newspaper” by researching famous personalities from history and creating a newscast. Finally, the students will read Shakespeare’s, “Romeo & Juliet” and attend a production of “Macbeth” at the University of Evansville’s Shanklin Theatre.


Advanced Drama. Students will begin the year auditioning for roles and design positions for “Clue”. “Clue” will be performed as part of McGary’s Family Night events. Next, the students will read “The Shakespeare Stealer” and ‘Macbeth” and then attend a production of “Macbeth” at the University of Evansville’s Shaklin Theatre. After Winter Break, students will then begin their project for “Schoolhouse Rock”. As part of an Art’s Council Collaboration Grant between Harrison H.S. & McGary advanced drama students will produce the musical “Schoolhouse Rock, Jr.” as an ISTEP celebration for grade schools in our district in May. Prior to this, they will be introducing the subjects/lessons discussed in “Schoolhouse Rock”. Students will be teaching science, math, social studies, and language arts through drama ,dance, puppets, and songs to grade school students. (Students may also work on “The Silk Road” Family Night!