6th Grade Science 

Students are learning about Ecology: organisms, ecosystems, food chains, habitats, parasites, hosts, etc They are also learning about Koko (the talking Gorilla who uses sign language to communicate).

7th Grade Science

Students are learning about the functions of the skeletal system, and knowing the scientific name of each bone. They are also learning about Koko (the gorilla that communicates through sign language) and are comparing and contrasting the gorilla and human skeletal system.

8th Grade Science

8th grade Science is a year of new and intriguing concepts! The Scientific Method will be used to explore chemical reactions, genetics, weather, and many other topics. Students will be learning how to use and identify many of the elements in our world, as well as how some elements react with one another. They will begin to explore the concepts of genetics and adaptation during our Life Science section. We will end the year with a recycling project and a unit exploring our Indiana weather and weather patterns around the world.